Saturday, January 9, 2016

Week #1 {2016} End of Christmas Break

Sunday morning I did NOT want to get out of my warm bed {my in-laws got me a mattress heater last year and it is heaven on cold nights!}
But we got up, got dressed {isn't he cute?}.
And visited a new church. There was a guest speaker who spoke on this:
{Source: I don't know where this is from, if you do, let me know!}
He talked about how it's a complete prayer and a perfect one to pray when you don't know what or how to pray. It was a great sermon!
When we got home, Chris had a brilliant idea to make breakfast burritos and they were FAN•TAS•TIC.
Back on New Year's Day I made DIY Lysol Wipes and they are great! This will be a staple around here.
That evening we went and got some Sweet Cece's.
Monday little guy found my phone...again. =)
And they are finally grading the back portion of our yard!
We went to Mrs. Darby's house to have some craft time.
She had everything set up to make these adorable mitten monsters.
How fun are these?
Tuesday. 5 days into January and I'm still up to date on the "writing the scriptures" plan, yay!
Chris and I finished another puzzle...this one took us a LOT less time than the last one.
I watched Darby's kids for the day and even though it was freezing the boys played outside...without gloves or beanies!
They did come in for a Just Dance competition.
And then this happened....and I enjoyed every second. 
Wednesday morning brought a beautiful sunrise.  God is good isn't he?
Payton ran in to my room all excited and asked if I would take a picture because this was 2nd huge clump of raisins she had found in her raisin bran {it's the little things!}. 
Since today was the last day of break, I told Dylan he could go ahead and watch all the Star Wars movies in a row.  Then it was straight outside to play and get their energy out!
That night I had to turn back on all these alarms/alerts. Ugh!  That first one is going to be so hard...
Thursday Facebook reminded me that a year ago it was snowing. I guess we really have had a mild winter compared to last year!
Friday morning I made waffles per Rylan's request.
I ended up making a double batch to freeze for future breakfasts.
I watched my friends kids for a little bit.
And for nuggles from this guy.
I found out that Dylan is taking advanced art and I'm impressed/proud of how he's doing!
Family movie night!
Saturday morning this little girl came and climbed into bed with me.
Saturdays are cleaning days. I made Rylan clean out the stuff he shoved under his dresser instead of putting it away. #meanmom
I love our neighborhood boys that play outside for HOURS together.
I got to snuggle with this guy. I'm sure it's due to the fact that I had a heated blanket on...but I'll take the snuggles either way!
What a great week to kick off the new year!

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