Saturday, July 11, 2015

Week #28 {2015}

Sunday Ry and Chris built a robot together {he's always asking daddy to play blocks}. Ry was super proud of the robot. Chris was super proud of how proud Rylan was. {Did you follow that?}
Monday was a pool day for the kids and I. {Don't you just love Payton in the top left picture?}
They did this for hours:
That night God painted another beautiful sky for us to enjoy. His work is stunning.
Wednesday we went to see the Penguins of Madagascar at the Regal dollar summer kids movie.
We've seen that movie multiple times already but it's always more fun to watch it on a big screen.
Since the theater is right next to Trader Joe's we stopped in for a few things {aka Partially Popped Popcorn - yum!}.
Then we went to the Thompson's Station Farmers Market. They recently opened an new open air venue and it is bea-u-ti-ful. Just look at those chandeliers!!!!!
The kids have had and exceptional amount of energy lately so we went to the pool again on Thursday.
The weather was PERFECT. I thrive in hot weather.
That evening Ry {quietly} sorted the Skylanders and then layed out/lined up the video games. He'll do this for hours!
Friday morning he was back at it! This time placing the characters on their matching cards.
We decided on another day of Operation Tired the Kids Out and went back to the pool.
And it worked this time! Little guy crawled up to snuggle with me an hour and a half BEFORE bedtime.
Precious sun kissed cheeks. {And yes, I put sunblock - SPF 50 - on them constantly at the pool.}
He willingly went to bed an hour early!
Saturday morning, this little guy crawled up into my lap to nuggle {aka snuggle}.
Then he went right back to matching and lining up Skylanders.
I used to have stick straight hair...until I got pregnant with Rylan.  Now I have this weird thing going on just on the back of my head.  {Seriously?!?!}
We decided on having a family fun day and ended up in Downtown Nashville.
Back at home, Ry asked Chris if he could help him "make a boy just like me".
I think they did a great job!

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