Saturday, July 18, 2015

50 Years

In September my parents will be celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary.  FIFTY YEARS people!
My sisters and I planned an early Anniversary party and although I wasn't there, I still got to celebrate with them via FaceTime {technology is AWESOME!}.
I got to "be there" to see old friends and family, listen to a friend play the harmonica for them, and hear all the wonderful things their friends {family} said about {to} them during a time of affirmation.  Then they held up my screen so I could say a few words as well.  I got to see them cut their cake {but didn't get to taste it - boo!}.
It was the next best thing to actually being there.
So here is what 50 years looks like:
Now. Aren't they adorable?
And you to want to know their secret?  Want to know how they not only STAYED married but STAYED in love with each other???
They put God first in their life.  God is first in their life and therefore in their marriage.  This is an amazing heritage that I have and I PRAY that Chris and I will leave the same legacy to our kids.

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