Friday, July 3, 2015

Celebrating Payton!

We celebrated Payton's birthday today by picking up her friend, Riley, and Dylan's friend, Cullen, 
and heading to eat Linner {lunch/dinner} at Cracker Barrel! {And yes, that was a very loud and giggly car ride.} 
Ry played that peg game,
while the big kids challenged each other to a game of checkers.
Chris and I were just trying to survive the crazies!
Present time and more giggles {girls are awesome}.
Once we were leaving I realized that Ry had on mismatched flip flops. 
Then we headed to the movie theater,
took a picture with the Peanuts ad,
Then watched Inside Out.
{Cute movie, I teared up a bit!}
My baby girl turns SEVEN tomorrow! Eek!

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