Saturday, July 4, 2015

Week #27 {2015}

Sunday morning Chris gave the kids popsicles before church {after breakfast, but it was still before 10am!}. #fundad
After church we headed to McAlister's to use our gift card we were given a couple of weeks ago. We sat outside and enjoyed the perfect day... it was not hot, not cold, and no humidity.{Dylan put his lego men on his straw!}
It was so pretty we decided to take a Sunday drive.
We rolled down the windows,
turned on some music,
and enjoyed the backroads home.
Once we were home we sat out and enjoyed the backyard.
The kids played for a long time out there and I caught Rylan like this.
Rylan is ALL BOY, ALL THE TIME. Just take a look at his legs.
Here's his fighting stance with a mask and swords tucked into his shorts.
I made Chicken Pot Pie for dinner. Yum.
Monday. Oohrah! Ready to go to the market!
He changed from a marine supporter to a hoodlum within minutes.
I have the BEST view at work.  Yes, I have a crush on my boss.
We had the always fantastic Portillo Chopped Salad for dinner.
Followed by an Apple Crisp that Dylan and I made together.
Tuesday. Influenster sent me a free Dove Advanced Care Deodorant to review.  I tested it against my T25 workout and was very impressed.  I had been using a spray deodorant, but this one kept me smelling fantastic, even though I had sweat dripping everywhere.  Oh and the scent was "caring coconut"... it was a subtle sunkissed, Hawaiian,  light coconut smell.  It was perfect. Thanks Influenster!
We headed to the library.
Where Dylan made himself comfortable. LOL!
And then we had some scooter time.
Now THIS...this was a sweet moment that I was SO happy to capture.  Payton had gotten in trouble and was crying, and BOTH the boys rushed to comfort her.  They are such good brothers, she's a lucky girl.
Wednesday. Do ya think a storm is rolling in? {And yes, we still went out in it.}
Father/son teaching moment #5,734 - replacing the roaters on the van. {Yes, I married a stud!}
Thursday Ry guy loved the little potty at the mall.
Friday celebrated Payton's birthday.
And then they had bedtime prayers.
And I got to snuggle one last time with my 6 year old.
Saturday we celebrated Payton's actual birthday {and the 4th of July}!

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