Thursday, July 9, 2015

Update on Chris' Diabetes

Last year on Easter Sunday, Chris was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.  At the emergency room his blood sugar was at 598...  FIVE HUNDRED and NINTEY EIGHT.  Normal is below 120.  The following week when he went to the doctors they ran his A1C {which is a blood test that gives your average blood sugar level for the past 3 months} and it was 12.3.  Normal range is 4.3 - 6.5.  Yeah, not good.  He was put on 2 different medications.

Fast forward 7 months {November-ish}, Chris had diligently watched what he was eating, cut his portions, and reduced his carb intake.  November was also the month that he left Loan Depot and the 60+ hour cube dwelling workweeks that job required. Subsequently he was able to stop one of his medications {yeah!}

Three months ago {in the beginning of April}, he started the T25 workout program and went off his second medicine, but kept a close eye on his blood sugar levels.
Well he just had his blood drawn on Monday and we are SO VERY HAPPY to find out that his A1C is 5.9 {in the normal range & he hasn't taken any medication in 3 months!}.  Praise God! We are doing the happy dance over here!

I so love this man and am thankful that he takes his health seriously. Thankful that with prayer, God's healing hand, and Chris' determination, he's doing well!
And on a funny note, I asked him if he wanted to get ice cream to celebrate. {Yes, I'm mean. LOL!}

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