Saturday, July 25, 2015

Week #30 {2015}

Sunday. When your a little brother you pick up sayings from your older siblings...
Monday. Some friends met us at the pool and we had a blast.
And we had {THIS} for dinner.
Tuesday. Lately Chris and I have been doing our T25 workouts in the morning. While we workout the kids are usually doing this:
Ry loves when we spike his hair.
Can you guess where we went? 
Payton ran up and asked me to take a picture.
Then Rylan wanted a turn.
Dylan wanted to join in the fun too.
When we got back home they built a house...
for his Skylanders to live in.
As we were driving out of a tract of homes {aka: subdivision} we saw this sign. 
Matthew 22:39
I love living in the South.
When I got home from my book club that night, I found Ry asleep on the floor outside his door.
Wednesday while Dylan was at a game day with his youth group, Payton, Rylan and I made a bunch of waffles, ate some and froze the rest.
Ry got some fun mail from Publix.  He was so excited to have an apron just his size.
Payton also got some fun mail from the Colorado Tooth Fairy {aka my sister, Jeannine}. Isn't this Elsa hat adorable?!?!
Thursday Payton had an eye appointment,
and Ry took some awesome pictures while we were there.
Payton was tripping out over her dilated eyes.
And since it was National Hot Dog Day, we jumped on the bandwagon and ate hot dogs while having a floor picnic.
Friday Rylan said he drew a Hello Kitty as he was putting his crayon above his ear.
Then we went to the pool again.
Rylan has been begging Chris to take him golfing...
So we hit up the Kings Creek putting greens.
Payton took a break and joined me on the porch to rock.
Saturday Chris grilled a beautiful and super yummy lunch.
Then we parted ways.  Chris and Dylan went golfing and Payton, Rylan and I went back to school shopping. {Yes, back to school shopping already... boo!}  Ry was super amped about it, can you tell?
Crazy kids.
We stopped by Sonic on the way home.
Awhile later, the big boys got home, and Chris and I finished the night watching the UFC.
Another great week is in the books!

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