Monday, December 15, 2014

What to do with Christmas Cards

One of my favorite things to receive this time of year is Christmas cards. I look forward to getting the mail to see if I have any new ones for the day. I guess it's because I've always loved old fashioned snail mail . . . I hope this tradition doesn't end anytime soon!
Some years I tape those cards to a closet/pantry door {which is what I'm doing this year}, and sometimes I staple them to a long ribbon hanging on the wall so I can enjoy seeing them throughout the season. But then what about when Christmas is over? I know how much thought and effort is put into those cards and I would feel bad for just throwing them in the recycle bin, so I keep them. 
Last year I finally came up with this idea to keep them together and display them every year.
All the cards on a book ring with a bow.
When the season is over I will write the year on the back of the pictures, hole punch them and slide them onto the ring with a year tag on the top and I'm done!
{My nieces were so young 5 years ago!}
And when one ring is full, I start another!
I love looking through them every year and seeing how people have changed/grown over the years. 
Here are a couple of the oldest cards that I have from 2002. {My sister's and their families.} Isn't that fun?!?!
Oh and I just put them out on display on a table.

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