Sunday, December 14, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up {Sickies}

Saturday Payton woke me up at 5am with her eye bright red and a tear streaming down her face. She complained of having an eye goober. I thought to  myself, "Great, she has pink eye!". I sent her back to bed {because with Rylan being sick, I have NOT gotten much sleep and I needed another hour or so to deal with pink eye.}
Ry woke up feeling great. Payton, not so much and the pink eye wasn't acting like normal pink eye. By 11am BOTH kids were {again for Rylan} looking miserable so we took them to the doctors. 
Ear infection for Payton and double ear infection for Ry. 
Poor babies! {Here, Ry is counting for me in the waiting room.}
And that was just the beginning of sickville at our house. Everyone {including Papa & Sasha} got some form of sickness. So the rest of the weekend we stayed home skipping out on all the fun activities we had planned {breakfast with Santa, a friend's birthday party for Payton, a Dickens Christmas in Downtown Franklin, and the kids singing at church on Sunday - boo!}.
We still tried to have fun at home though, decorating our sugar cookies.
I think we caught Payton's ear infection early cause she rebounded quickly (and the pink in her eye was from the ear infection).
See how sick Ry looks?
The only good thing about sick babies is all the snuggling.
Rylan was a shooting ninja.
And crashed out for a Sunday afternoon nap.
By Sunday night he was feeling MUCH better. The boogers had almost stopped and now he's dealing with the rawness of his nose.
Hopefully we all get well and can have an amazing {healthy} Christmas!

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