Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Chris' New Gig {Churchill Mortgage}

Recently Chris left the company he was working for and joined the Churchill Mortgage team.  And yes, I'm talking about the Churchill Mortgage as in Dave Ramsey's "the only mortgage company I have ever endorsed".  It gets Chris back into the type of business that focuses on customer relationships that he was used to and missed desperately.  
So far I have been really impressed with the company.  They follow Dave Ramsey's philosophy and they have no debt.  Which is amazing.  
Then yesterday I (not Chris) received this in the mail:
Seriously? A handwritten (and also addressed) letter from the COO? How nice it that?  I am blown away that they even considered me, whom they have not met yet. W-O-W! Yes, it DOES
feel like a family!

So if you are looking for a loan or want to refinance, give my hubby, Chris a call!

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