Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Our Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve started out in tears for Payton. She was sad when she found Bob's goodbye letter to the kids. She wanted him to stay all year long.
The sick bug was still at the house so we lounged around until dinner time.
Chris grilled an amazing steak, and we had Mandarin Orange Salad, AuGratin Potatoes, Green Beans and Shirley Temples! It all was so good.
The kids got to FaceTime their cousins for their Annual Christmas Gift Exchange.
It's a fun tradition that {I think} keeps them close.
Then Chris had the kids each open one present.
Nerf guns. War broke out. It was awesome.
We drove around and looked at Christmas lights for a bit.
And then after baths, we got Santa's cookies Almond Rocca all ready for him.
Ready for bed!
Now for the llllooooonnnngggg "night before Christmas"!

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