Friday, December 19, 2014

Week In Review

Well, Papa ended up sick {real sick}. I found him napping like this, poor guy!
Rylan set the table ALL BY HIMSELF!
He worked so hard on trying to fold the napkins over the silverware.
Mr. Man snuggled with me for a bit.
Then it was baby boy's turn.
We headed to Target where Rylan was putting EVERYTHING on his "wist-a-list".
He's been very cooperative when I tell him it's nap time. I guess that's a perk of not feeling 100%.
Family movie time!
Sasha got Payton these ADORABLE boots.
I mean - seriously!
And one morning she was up at 6 am {probably earlier} looking for Bob.
Found him!
Friday Dylan woke up with a fever. He stayed home from school missing his Winter party. {boo!}
Papa kindly stayed home with Dylan and Rylan while Sasha and I went to Payton's party.
She got to wear jammies that day to school.
And look at the cute snowman she made in art class {he's the one in the black hat}.
Back at home she gave us a gift she made at school. Isn't it so sweet?
Big guy was NOT feeling well, burning up with a fever and being lethargic, so I asked if I could get him anything and he said "no". I (jokingly) asked, "Want me to hold you?" and he paused and said "yeah, I guess." Awwwwweeee! Guess he REALLY wasn't feeling good!
I ended up taking him to the doctors and he tested negative for flu and strep . . . he is just really sick.
He liked getting a Popsicle after the strep test though!
I sure would like all the sick bugs to leave our house . . . especially before Christmas!

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