Friday, December 12, 2014

Week in Review

Ry was supposed to be napping when he walked downstairs like this:
He totally rocked that outfit (whatever look that he was he was going for)!
Chris cut out sugar cookies with the kids.
I had my mom2mom group over.
It was fun just hanging out and chatting.
Plus there were 5 toddler boys (no girls showed up!) who got to play together.
I made some Gigi's Famous Almond Rocca. That's some yummy goodness right there!
Ry started to not feel well.
Big man lost another tooth.
Payton surprised me and set the whole table, even rolling the forks in the napkins!
Fresh out of a hot shower and already the boogers have come back. Poor baby!
The kids has their North Pole breakfast.
Papa & Yaya (Sasha) came into town Thursday night.  The kids were quite excited to see them when they got off the bus from school.
Friday morning was FREEZING and we had frost all over the grass.
Ry was getting worse when Craig (my father-in-law) suggested using his breathing machine. Well duh! Why didn't I think about that!
Dylan had his awards ceremony for taekwondo. Here he is receiving his level 2 brown belt.
You could say his daddy is a tiny bit proud. Ok, he's majorly proud!
Mr. Rodgers.
We are pretty proud of this little dude.  He's doing awesome in taekwondo!

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