Friday, December 26, 2014

Bob's Shenanigans {Elf on the Shelf}

Note: Any of the creative ideas I stole from other people on Instagram.
All the simple ideas (him sitting on a shelf, in a bowl, etc) are 100% all my ideas.  I know, mind-blowing, right? {wink}
Ziplining. {Dylan's favorite thing Bob did.}
Roasting marshmallows.
Drinking surup. {Payton's favorite thing he did.}
Rolled down the stairs in a toilet paper roll.
"Brush your teeth well. Love, Bob"
The kids COULD NOT find Bob here on the front door. They looked everywhere. I finally had to guide them were to look.
He drew on the kids faces.
For day 10, I forgot the move Bob the night before and {of course} Dylan woke up before me. Fortunatley he didn't think of looking for him right away, so when Dylan wasn't looking, I snatched him up and threw him on the mantel. Not what I wanted to do with him that morning, but I got away with it.
Putting together a puzzle.
Repelling down from our entry light.
He decorated the tree with the kids underware. {MY favorite thing Bob did.}
Bowing down to Jesus at the Nativity.
He also left a goodbye letter. Which is why Payton was crying in the picture above. She didn't want him to leave.
All in all it was worth it. Glad I only did it 2 weeks, but we will all be looking forward to his return next year!

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