Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas! {2014}

Christmas Card 2014
The kids faces and excitement on Christmas morning is SO much fun to watch.
I WISH this shirt came in my size . . .
It's almost as big as Ry!
Santa brought Payton a mirror. She loves it.
"He" wrote on it - For the beautiful Payton.
D had been wanting a watch forever.
We had a Ninja Turtle on his Ninja Turtle scooter who scooted ALL over the house.
He was kind and shared with Payton.
Papa & Yaya got Payton and Rylan marching art easels. They spent hours drawing on them. Payton called me in to look at her Christmas tree. And then her Christmas tree on repeat. Ha!
Unfortunately Papa was really sick and went into the ER. He was able to get some meds to help him get better but they {Papa & Sasha} left that afternoon to head home. We were bummed to see them go. Everyone {except Chris} is/has been sick for so long, it put a damper on all our Christmas plans. We missed doing a bunch of activities we had wanted to do BUT we still had a wonderful time, being with family. We were glad they were able to be here with us.
In the evening the kids opened presents {on FaceTime - thank God for FaceTime!} with Papa Nutt & Gigi.
Dylan's favorite jammies - a big Baggie sweatshirt and big Baggie pajama pants.
Ry's a multi-tasker.
Ry loved his moose slippers from Papa Nutt & Gigi.
And he played with all his blocks {new and old} for a couple of hours.
I got to snuggle with this guy before bedtime.
Being sick on Christmas stinks. But we still had a wonderful time.
Hope you all had a Merry CHRISTmas!

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