Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Well good morning Rylan! {Yes, he was stuck in there.}
Oh! I forgot to show you the most precious note Payton has ever written:
Yes, my heart melted and I may have shed a tear of joy. I LOVE her heart!
The kids found gum hidden under their pillows from Gigi.
Then the sweetest moment happened.
I spent the whole morning doing laundry and prepping to go to Atlanta for Thanksgiving. We hit the road and in a little while the kids were doing this: 
We got there in the late evening {thanks holiday traffic} hung out for a bit then went to bed. We tend to sleep a LOT at Papa & Sasha's. We sorta decompress while we are there!
Wednesday we went to the SuperTarget to get the last few items we needed for the Thanksgiving meal {and I got myself a little something - you'll see later!} Ry found the num-nums, that I stashed in my purse, while we were out. He was so proud of himself.
My baby girl!
Lucky duck! He slept in {by an hour or 2 almost every morning. He was the last one up!}

Waiting patiently for Thanksgiving to start.
It's time!
At home we had been working on our "Thankful For" board all week.
Each day we wrote on it 1 or more things that we were thankful for and ended up with this:
Some of my favorites? 
Payton wrote "Loren" and "Brook" because of 2 girls Dylan had/has a crush on. Then in rebuttal Dylan wrote "Walker & Chase" for Payton's crushes. 
Someone wrote "me" and I'm not sure who it was.
Payton wrote "yogrt".
Dylan wrote "MIT" because he wants to go to college there.
It was a fun way to realize that we can be thankful for the big, small & funny stuff in our lives.
Anyway, back to Thanksgiving day. At dessert time the kids got mouthfuls of whipped cream,
And Chris gave an extra shot to Dylan.
Ry crawled up with me while I was reading and fell asleep. Sweet boy.
Oh and that book . . . I finally finished the 5 book series "A Lineage of Grace" by Francine Rivers. I REALLY enjoyed them.
When we were at Target I scored this jacket for $16. I complimented a friend from my Mom2Mom group who was wearing one and she said she got it from Target. I looked at it each time I went and this time, with the deals/coupons ($5 off a $25 apparel purchase - woot woot!), I couldn't pass it up!
We went to the new WalMart by Craig and Sasha's at 11am on Black Friday, and it wasn't busy at all!
Here's Rylan's picture he took of the Ninja Turtles. It's his new obsession.
Dylan got to play with his neighborhood buddies so we took the littles and walked Papa & Yaya's property. That neighboring house and fence is brand new. It's weird to drive up and see new homes where there were once bushes and trees.
That evening Ry relaxed on his new Ninja Turtle pillow {Thanks Papa!} while playing games.
Saturday morning we packed up and tried to head back home, but it took some time getting Payton and Rylan in the car. They were hiding under the coffee table because they wanted to stay with Yaya...and they probably would have if we let them!
The kids disappeared shortly after we got home and I found them huddled up in Ry's room.
Thank you Papa & Sasha for the wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving!

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