Friday, November 7, 2014

Week In Review {Election Day}

Payton was "Camper of the Week" at school. So over the weekend she completed this poster to take to school on Monday.
I'm proud of her because she did all of it by herself.
Some of my favorite parts:
When I grow up I would like to be "a Aretiste" {an artist}
Super cool fact about yourself: "I am amarku Indeine" {American Indian}
Favorite thing to do: in school "lunch"
                             at home "eat"
{Girl after my own heart!}
Tuesday {Elecrion Day} the kids has the day off from school. We met up with daddy for lunch then headed to vote.
Then went to the park.
Rylan did this the whole time we were there.
I love my crazy family!
Yes, he is fast asleep.
We watched the CMA Awards. You know it's kinda a big deal here in Nashville. {wink}
Ry was OBSESSED with his daddy this day. As in, he wouldn't leave his side. So cute!
I made this beautiful meal.
She got to go on a date with Daddy.
Afterward I asked if she had fun, if he held the door open for her and if he paid. When she said yes to all 3 questions, I said "Well good, then you can go out with him again." She thought about it for a second then just started giggling.
My mother-in-law posted this on FaceBook and I couldn't agree with her more . . . She raised a great son.
I love how this kid sleeps. So peaceful and so precious!
Since Payton was Camper of the Week, we went and had lunch with her at school.
And survived! The lunch ladies are amazing to put up with all that noise every day!
We went to the mall when Rylan started doing this {crazy boy}:
He's yelling "Cannonball!"
And then had a huge ice cream cone!

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