Saturday, November 22, 2014

A Bee Sting & Other Things

{Warning: This is a long and detailed post, mainly for my records. Feel free to skim or skip it!}

“Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” (Elizabeth Stone) 

Today was one of those days that make that statement feel so overwhelmingly true.

We found out {the hard way} that Dylan is severely allergic to bee stings. The whole thing happened so fast. But it's AMAZING to see how God's hand was on the whole thing.

We were playing at the park {getting ready to leave} when Dylan got stung by a bee (11:15am) on the inside of his hand {up on the pad area where your middle finger meets your palm.} I got the emergency kit from my car and swiped his hand with an insect sting wipe. We all loaded into the car and headed to his taekwondo class. At an intersection, a mile down the road, he complained that his ear was itching. I said "You'll be fine." as I turned into a gas station (to fill up). Then he said his lip was hurting and having a hard time breathing. I saw a bump on his face and then a rash and hives breaking out on his neck/shoulder.
I texted this pic to Chris (11:26am)
and told him I was taking Dylan into the doctors {which was in the NEXT parking lot over AND has walk-in hours on Saturday}.
We walked in and they swept us back to the room, (11:34am)
gave him Benedryl and checked his oxygen levels.
Then he got a shot of steroids {which he is deathly afraid of needles and was hysterical}.
The doctor then looked at me and said, "He is going to be okay, but you need to take him immediately to the ER".  She said if I wouldn't be able to do that she would call "someone" {I assume an ambulance}. 
My mom {SO grateful she was here} took the other kids home and Chris picked us up and took us to the ER. 
They were waiting for him there (12:09pm)
The nurse commented that he was shocked at how bad the rash was considering he had been stung only 45 minutes prior.
They gave him a shot {yes, needle #2} of epinephrine and we could visually see the rash/hives disappearing. (1:27pm)
And after a few minutes Dylan said his breathing was better! And he was smiling again!
They also gave him Pepcid which is a H2 histamine blocker and sent us home with a prescription for some steroids and an Epipen. 
The whole ordeal was only 3 hours from being stung to being back home. Dylan said it was the "best-worst day ever" and I could not have agreed more. Worst, because he was in pain and having a hard time breathing. Best, because he didn't die. I couldn't imagine what would have happened if we were out in the boonies.
It's neat to look back and see God's grace and him leading us every moment today. I'm praising God, because He is good all the time.
When we got back home from the hospital Gigi, Rylan and Payton were having a tea party.
And we stayed at home the rest of the day since Dylan was still feeling yucky from all the medicine they gave him.
Gigi caught this gem on video:
Gigi and Payton made a doll cake together.
We took a picture then we chowed down!
Little man fell asleep for a late nap.
Then Gigi crashed out.
It was an emotionally exhausting day. I realize that it could have turned out so differently. I'm hugging my boy a little tighter tonight! Thank you God!!!!

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