Sunday, November 2, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up {Freezing Playoff Game}

Saturday morning started with the kids pouring over the Target toy ad, circling what they want for Christmas. I guess some things DON'T change over the years!
We had Round 1 of Playoffs that afternoon at 1 pm.
Do we look overdressed for an afternoon football game?
Cause we aren't.
I could have used another 10 layers at least. Plus an electric blanket and a space heater. Brrrr!
Little man stayed in my lap snuggling most of the time.
The cheerleaders . . . Only 2 showed up to the game and they still got out there and cheered their little hearts out. What, you can't see them in this picture?
Here, I'll zoom in. All bundled up and doing awesome.
The sun came out a bit and Rylan went to pick me some "bowers". Payton joined in too.
Oh and the boys played amazing. We won 26-6. Round 2 of the Playoffs, here me come! {Just can it be a teeny bit warmer next game, God? Pretty pretty please?}
Sunday we woke up to our first frost of the season.
That was okay with me because Payton had woke up last night throwing up {and no, I'm not even kidding - all sickness needs to go away from our house already!!!} and I was fine to stay home out of the cold.
But a time change + staying indoors all day + missing his nap, does not bode well for Rylan. While I was loading the dishwasher, he was being exceptionally quiet. I found him hiding out in Dylan's room doing this.
Then while I was taking all the stickers down he went and ransacked our bedroom. {Chris is repainting our furniture which is why our mattresses are on the floor - FYI.}
Needless to say, he crashed out quickly.
Now I'm just praying he stays asleep all night {and Payton doesn't throw up again}!

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