Sunday, November 9, 2014

Final Football Game of the Season

We had an early morning frost a couple of days ago that killed my tomato bushes.
It was so sad.
But I was able to pick all of these before pulling the plants.
And, since I don't care for fried green tomatoes, I posted on our local Facebook page that people could come and get free tomatoes (I placed in a box out front). They slowly disappeared and one lady even posted a thank you and a picture of the fried green tomatoes she made with them! Isn't technology {and small towns} amazing???
We had round 2 of playoffs for football and the kids were so amped about it. See?
It WAS an hour away and I would have wanted to fall asleep too.
Pep talk from daddy.
I think he's adorable.
It was a fun game, some awesome plays, but in the end we lost. The next game would have been the championship game at the Vanderbilt Stadium.
Dylan walked off the field crying. My heart broke for him and I started tearing up too.
Amazing how a mommy heart does that.
Funny story - Payton started sobbing too. Like uncontrollable sobbing. People were whispering how cute she was that she was so sad. I just smiled at them and held her close. Payton's friend ran up and asked her why she was crying and Payton replied "We lost!". When Olivia, her friend, tried to console her, Payton blurted out " No, I wanted to be on TV!" and continued sobbing. The championship game was going to be televised and I guess she will miss her opportunity to be famous! LOL!
A friend captured this pic of Rylan at a football game a couple of weeks ago. I love it.
We ended the weekend snuggling up watching a family movie!
It was a fun weekend. I'm sorry that the football season is over. It was a ton of fun . . . even the long, cold practices {smile}.

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