Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Gigi's Here!

Of course the day before Gigi is supposed to get here, we wake up to it snowing. {Thanks Arctic Blast!}
Yup, it's freeeeeeezing.
Tuesday evening we pick up Gigi from the airport.
I'm happy to have my momma here!
I had to take a picture of what we were laughing at at dinner. Notice anything wrong in this picture?
A salt shaker in a bowl of dressing - ha!
We bundled up (cause it was c-c-c-cold) and headed to Opryland.
Their Christmas lights were up,
And it was SO pretty.
It was Chris and my mom's first time to Opryland, and they said it was worth bearing the cold to see it all.
Then we hopped back in the car to drive through the outside lights.
This was a full size nativity scene.
Pretty fun time for Gigi's first night here!

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