Saturday, April 16, 2016

Week #15 {2016}

Sunday I had an adorable sous chef while we made Beef & Broccoli for linner {lunch/dinner}.
Papa and Yaya sent him a new TMNT shirt. I love that it's blue and we can take a break from his regular "green uniform"! And can we pause for a second to notice how BIG he has become?
I finished a cute book and you can read my review {here}.
Tuesday - I love that this kid is always underfoot. I know I'm gonna miss that someday.
I made Asian Chicken Salad for dinner. It's so colorful, so healthy and so yummy.
Wednesday little guy helped take the trash can out. It took a little longer than if I just did it...but he wanted to do it "all by himself".
Before we picked up Dylan from the bus, we took a spin around the neighborhood.
Ry was "setting up house" in my room.
Thursday Rylan woke up super early and when we went to wake up Dylan together, I got this sweet video:
And we drove Dylan to the bus.
Dylan started the Hunger Games book...yesterday and look how much he's read!
I was pulling the laundry out and I had a little bunny come and burrowed in the hot blanket.
Friday - The steadfast ❤️ of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness! {Lamentations 3:22-23} 
Payton was sent home yesterday from school with a slight fever. So she stayed home today. Rylan loved having her all to himself. They played and even made a fort. They asked if I would come into their fort with them and I couldn't pass it up.
We even took a nature walk {we pick up trash that doesn't belong in nature and throw it away}.
He asked if "this looks good". Ha!
Deluxe {pineapple, jalapeño, and BACON!} BBQ Chicken Pizza for the win. Sometimes my crust is okay and sometimes it's it was outstanding! We devoured it.
Saturday - I don't find these photos on my phone as much anymore...but when I do, it makes me smile.
A couple of weekends ago we added a planter to the back of the house.  Today we added a brick boarder around it and added some bulbs we had already started in some pots.
After working in the yard for the majority of the day, we took these sun-kissed cuties out for Mexican food and we all shared a {gigantic} Deep Fried Ice Cream for dessert.
When we got home, the kids played outside for a bit.  Dylan was being a goober when some other boys {who we haven't seen before} said loudly, "What is HE doing?". Dylan turned to them and said "Tell your lady friends I'm single...".  Ha ha ha!  That kid cracks me up!

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