Saturday, April 9, 2016

Week #14 {2016}

Sunday was a perfect day. After church the littles got to do this:
They are such best buddies...and I love it.
And yes, she knew her suit didn't match and she didn't care. ;)
Monday Ry asked me to take his picture at the top of the hill. {Soon there will be a house up there!}
And he helped me water the plants.
After school we went to the library for an American Girls Club. {my friend/neighbor, Darby, brought her kids.} Mia and Payton assembled dried bean soup to make later, cut out paper dolls and decorated kites.
Tuesday we played Star Wars Galatic Heroes game, which also happened to be the day that the Force Awakens DVD was released.
He rode to the bus stop.
We had Poblano Rigatoni for dinner and every single bite was gone.  
Wednesday a storm rolled in and when I picked up D from TKD, we saw this... it was pouring rain and the sun was peeking through.  So pretty!
Thursday was Muffins with Mom at Payton's school.  I'm lucky to be her mom.
After I got home, I did a lot of this.  
The builder was back replacing some baseboards, adding trim they forgot to install, fixing some drywall issues {and then subsequently painting}.  I was able to relax because my friend, Darby, stopped by to bring me some basil and cilantro...
And then took Rylan home with her so he could play play-doh. {Yes, she's amazing AND a cool mom who allows play-doh at her - notsomuch.}
That night he fell asleep in my arms...something that I treasure.
Friday my dad was on the news in Southern California.  They are having rain, and were asking him his thoughts on it...because it doesn't rain that often there.
Then we decided to surprise Dylan and show up at his school.
We took him McDonalds...
which he and Ry loved.
Friday night was family movie night - and I think Payton had the best seat in the house.
Saturday Payton had a birthday party to go to at a park and you can read about my embarrassing story {here}.
Fortunately he's cute and does stuff like this to make up for it!

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