Saturday, April 9, 2016

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Ohmigoodness. Have you ever wanted to crawl in a hole and hide? Well I See this cute kid?
Well we were at the park today {Payton had a birthday party to go to there.} and I followed him around playing at the playground. Another little boy came up and they started racing up the stairs and down the slides. He was a cute little boy with long {just above his shoulders}, blonde, curly hair. He was wearing a black beanie and a black Adidas track suit. I asked his dad {who was probably 28 years old - this is important for later} how old his son was and found out he was 8 days younger than Ry. 

The boys were playing well together when Rylan started saying {in front of that dad!} "Where did SHE go?" and "I'm waiting for HER." I was so embarrassed and quietly said "He is a boy. It is HIM." Unfortunately Rylan kept on referring to him as a girl. Finally I quietly, but loud enough for the dad to hear, said "Rylan, he is a boy remember when you had long hair?" That seemed to work and they ran off playing. But the story doesn't end there.

The boys were talking at the top of the slides and Ry turned to me and loudly said "I don't understand him. Does he talk English?" I. wanted. to. die. {At least he got "HIM" and "HE" right?} 

The little boy ran to the other play structure {his dad followed} and Ry wasn't sliding down the slide. I said to him "Come on buddy." And Ry said, "I'm waiting for HER." Ugh! I said "HE ran over there." Ry asked "With his GRANDPA?" Wait, what? That was it. We're were leaving before Rylan said anything else embarrassing.

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