Saturday, April 2, 2016

Week #13 {2016}

Sunday was Easter Sunday.
Monday we tried to get back into the swing of things...which is hard with the big kids back in school and little guy still having a fever.  The moments he was feeling better were filled with FaceTiming while we were in the same room.
Collapsing into a laundry basket full of hot clothes straight from the dryer. {Who doesn't love that?}
And opening Easter packages from Papa & Yaya.
When the fever spiked he crashed out in my arms. {Which I didn't mind.  I even recorded the snoring!}
Tuesday we found out they are ending the school year a day and a half early. {I have never experienced that in my life!}
Ry practiced writing peoples names.  I especially LOVE his "E"s in Auntie Jeanniners name.
Snapchat fun from Payton.
And then she got some homework help from Mia {she is such a sweet girl!}.
Rylan was finally starting to feel better and wanted to go outside and ride his bike.  I told him "No" and got this reaction:  I'm such a mean mom....and he is such a threenager.
I walked in towards the end of Dylan's TKD and they were all sparing. Dylan looked at me and smiled... with that smile that means "watch this" so I pulled out my camera and caught him throwing a Superman Punch.  {My favorite punch that he does!}
Spring sure is beautiful here.  These white trees are in bloom all over the place.
Wednesday morning Payton loved how I did her hair and asked me to send it to her Aunties {Which I totally forgot to do, so here Aunties!  Look at Payton's hair!}.
Ry put together this USA puzzle all by himself {then promptly took a bazillion pictures of it on my phone}.
After school play time with the neighborhood kids.
Thursday Ry's fever had been gone for 48+ hours and was obviously back to normal.
Then we had a storm roll in.  There was some talk of a tornado warning coming our way.  But it never happened.
What we didn't know was that the kids were preparing the bathroom {with all THEIR comforts of home} if we had to go to our "safe area".  
So on Friday morning, when I told them to clean it all up, I got attitude and this:
That evening we had fun playing on Snapchat.
Saturday was a full day and I didn't take many pictures.  We went to a friend's house for a BBQ.  They have a 10 month old little girl, and Rylan LOVED her toys.
Payton's school had their Spring Fling and we went to check it out.
We bailed after a little bit and went and had dinner with some friends instead.
When we got home Sierra {my cousin's daughter} came and picked up Payton for a "cousin date".  She took her to Downtown Franklin and had ice cream at Kilwins.
Payton had a TOTAL blast.  While she was gone Rylan turned to me and said "I miss our Payton." I LOVE his heart!

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