Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Resurrection Day {Easter 2016}

Easter Sunday...the day that we remember that Christ has risen from the dead!  My God is alive.  He paid the price for my sin and now I can have relationship with Him {and you can too!}  What an amazing truth!
Even though Easter is about JESUS, and celebrating what he did for us, we still do a little bit of the fluff {bunnies, eggs, candy, etc.} as well.
Like Easter Baskets.
And normally we would be at church, but since Ry has this crazy fever, I got to watch the service on-line instead {and it was a really good message!}.
The weather predicted rain in the afternoon so we did an egg hunt a little early.
I love this girl.
Dylan, such a big boy, and yet, still enjoying these types of things. He was being a big help to Rylan {pointing out eggs} as well. It warms my heart.
Unfortunately our yard doesn't have many hiding places, yet, so the big kids kept darting from one side of the yard to the other, and running around the house before picking up an egg, to give Rylan some time to collect some.
He did pretty good for having a 103.4 fever.
Checking out the loot.
We went through the story of Christ's crucifixion and resurrection with these cool resurrection eggs {our old church gave us}.  Each egg has a token and Bible verses to help make it more tangible for little ones.
Then Rylan got really lethargic, shivering, etc. It broke my heart.
His fever had not dropped below 100.9 even WITH tylenol/advil, since he got sick Friday morning.
I just worried that I was missing something.  I wanted to take him to our pediatrician {they have walk in hours on Sunday}, but because it was Easter, they were closed.  So we headed to the ER.
They knew how to entertain him for 3+ hours.  Pretty smart that they have iPads there for the kids to play on.
He was negative for flu/strep and they said it is just a virus that has to run its course.  We were discharged and he fell asleep on the short ride home {poor baby}.
When we got home, we ate {well, everyone except Rylan} Lasagna for dinner.  Yum!
And after bath time they did this.
It's not how I had planned Easter to go, but we still were together as family, and for that I am grateful.

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