Saturday, March 5, 2016

Papa Nutt & Gigi are Here!

Wednesday we got to pick up these crazies from the airport. {And yes, I snapped the pic as my dad was eating!}
I love my parents so very much and I'm so glad that they came out to visit us!
Thursday morning snuggles.
I have a pre-teen.  He was mad at me and I got this treatment.  #funtimes
Rylan took on his turns at Monopoly, but it was so very cute! 

Friday Papa Nutt was praying for Dylan's day while waiting for the bus.
Then we went and had lunch at Payton's school.
Actually we watched her eat because we were heading to Delta Bound right after!
 Seeing these pics are making me drool all over again.
{Insert Bevis and Butthead's giggle here.}
Clockwise: Fried Chicken Taco
Side of Jambalaya 
Down and Dirty Brisket Taco
If your ever in Spring Hill, stop here for lunch. You won't regret it!
My niece recently got a job at Sonic so we sent her a picture saying we were thinking about her!
Post bath tea party time. {Dylan had warm milk and honey.}
I caught a sweet Daddy & Son moment.
Saturday we went to one of my favorite places...Downtown Franklin. The sun was shining and the bubbles were blowing. It was perfect! Oh and I had a star sighting...Avery from the tv show Nashville was there!
That night Chris had a work party to go to, so we left the littles with Papa Nutt & Gigi and headed out for a {pseudo} date night.

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