Saturday, March 19, 2016

Batman Building {Downtown Nashville}

Unless you have a fascination with the Batman Building & Downtown Nashville {like I do}, you may want to skip this post {so don't say I didn't warn you!}.
{pic taken in January, when it wasn't cloudy!}
Chris recently switched companies he was working for {more on that later} and this week he had to be at the Batman Building...  Which means, he has access to the top floor.  Eek!
He took me and the kids down there today.  Downtown was cold, gloomy, and packed with people. There were even carriage rides going.
The Batman Building.
We checked into security and headed to the elevators.
Across the Cumberland River is the Nissan Stadium {formerly known as the LP Field}.  Home of the Titans.
The Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge {in front} is that one we walk over to get to the Nissan Stadium.
That's the Nissan Stadium behind us.
Looking down from the 16th floor.
Country Music Television Building.
The kids thought it was pretty cool.
Payton is looking out over the end of Broadway where they host New Years and the 4th of July Fireworks.
The R2D2 Building.
3rd Avenue North
That main street is Broadway.
The funky white roof (above Payton's head) is the Bridgestone Arena.
The building behind the Bridgestone with the wave roof is the Country Music Hall of Fame.
16th Floor!
Back at the Main Floor.
It was awesome.
I hope the kids remember this forever.

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