Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Papa Nutt & Gigi Part II

My big guy came and sat with us Sunday morning at church.
Then we hung out outside and played with the neighborhood kids.
We made these cookies which are A-MAZ-ING.
And then Payton sent me a cute snapchat video {which I screen shot these from}
Monday we headed out for the day.
Can you guess where we made our first stop?
Hattie B's! We showed up 5 minutes before it opened and we still waited in line for 30 minutes... it's that good. The manager came over and talked to Rylan for a bit and then brought him some Banana Pudding.  Holy moly was it good!  I'll be ordering that next time!
Next up - Downtown Nashville.
So fun showing my parents around.  Aren't they cute?  And isn't the bottom center picture adorable???
After school ALL the neighborhood kids were out playing!
Tuesday Gigi gave Rylan quarters for the vending machines...something I never do.
Wednesday morning, I heard my parents talking in their room, so I went in and jumped into bed with them just like when I was little.
More fun photos from Payton.
Today they head back to California, so they said good-bye to Payton.
I love this kid.
Getting Dylan from the bus.
Saying good-bye to Chris.
Heading to the airport.
And saying good-bye.
Funny note - right after that pic, I hugged them, they walked off and I turned around and saw Gunner from the tv show Nashville!  When he got into the airport a star-struck girl started gushing over him {which caused a scene} and my parents ended up talking with him and his bandmates. {They were heading to Australia to play for a few days.} I had two star sightings in a week and both from the same show...and my parents had no clue who they were!  Haha!
Also on their flight out here from California, Steven Tyler was on their flight {in first class}.  A lady pointed him out to them, because they didn't know who he was either! Funny, right?

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