Saturday, March 5, 2016

Week #9 {2016}

Sunday we played hookie from church again because we still aren't totally well.
At least I'm getting to enjoy a lot of snuggling and naps with this guy.
Monday was a bea.u.tiful. day so we played outside once Dylan got off the bus.
Once this pretty girl got home from school, she and I got to have some Mommy/Daughter time. She chose Olive Garden for dinner, then we did some shopping. I hope we can do it again soon...she's growing too fast.
That night I got some pre-bedtime snuggles with these awesome kiddos.  I'm one blessed momma.
Tuesday I started March's Scripture Writing Plan.
Chris and I had eye appointments, and I thought Ry was exceptionally adorable!
On a random note...I ran out of contacts about a year ago. I wore my glasses for a little bit, but quickly got tired of them, so I stopped wearing those too. {I'm nearsighted so I can see, I just can't read things far away.} My last prescription my eyesight was -1.75 and today it was -.75! My eyesight has gotten BETTER! Isn't that bizarre?!?!?
We had a stunning sunset but unfortunately the new homes are blocking our view now.
I love how this guy just falls asleep in random positions.
Wednesday Papa Nutt & Gigi came into town!  Click {here} to read all about what we did!

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