Saturday, March 26, 2016

Week #12 {2016} Spring Break

Sunday morning we woke up at the crack of dawn to drop Chris off at the airport. Last week he started working for US Bank and had to spend a week in the warm and beautiful city of Minneapolis. Just kidding! It was cold and it snowed....but at least he got to go to Mall of America!
After we got back home {and I fell back asleep for a bit} we headed to church. On our way I saw this sign. "Faith makes things possible, not easy." Amen and amen.
I love these cuties.
Disney's Frozen Surprise Slides for the win. Ry's really been into playing games lately and I love it.
Monday morning I woke up next to these 2. We had a sleep over upstairs... 
Dylan stayed until we all fell asleep then he went and slept in his bed {smart boy}. When he heard us talking he came back up and snuggled in with us.
I ate this for breakfast and it was {surprisingly} REALLY good. I will definitely be buying it again!
I read this during my quiet time and I loved it, "Because you are precious in my eyes and honored, and I love you." Isaiah 43:4
We hit up the library and while the big kids picked out books, little man played on the computers.
When we got home I had some fun mail yummy mail waiting for me from Have you signed up to get samples from them yet? {P.S. This Cookies and Cream Popcorn was amazing.}
Tuesday Ry was watching Dylan play a game on the iPad and I heard him say, "That guy is really impressive Dyl-won!" {Dyl-won is how Ry says Dylan's name, and I love it.} I had to laugh out loud.
We headed to Toys R Us to spend some Easter money they received. My sentiments were more like Dylan's expression....we were there for over an hour!
Chick-fil-A for lunch. I had a Frosted Coffee {It tasted exactly like I had hoped - Super yummy.} and the Superfoods Salad {which tastes WAY better than I would expect kale, broccolini, and dried cherries to taste! It's fantastic!}
So I ordered dessert with a how I balanced my meal out?
When we walked up to get the kids ice cream cones, the owner/operator of that location was behind the counter and {even though it was the lunch rush hour!} she asked if they wanted to make their own cones.  They were so excited and it was a huge memory maker for them!
We stopped at the park to do some scootering.
I'm not sure why we doing come to this park more often.  It's so pretty.
Dylan was dog sitting for our neighbors so we stopped by to let them run.  Dylan LOVES dog sitting. 
TKD time!
When the little kids went to bed, Dylan and I got to hang out for a bit.
Wednesday we hit up 12 South and Belmont University.
 So I started a new thing....when the kids ask me the same question over and over again {which happens a bazillion times a day}, I reply "Asked and answered." I think it's starting to sink in because Ry is now saying this over and over again:
"Mom can I please have a popsicle? Oh asked and answered, I know that mom". Ha!
Thursday after playing at a friends house for a little bit, we made a stop at Sonic.
Then back to TKD.
I'm impressed with his flexibility!
Friday my mom sent me this gem.  Clear jellies and socks... I was such the fashionista!  But fishing with my dad are some great memories.
Rylan started to not feel well and said he was freezing.  Payton brought him her blanket and pillow to help make him comfortable.
He changed into his jammies {TMNT ones of course} brought me his blanket and wanted to snuggle.
Since I was "busy" I was able to enlist help from the big kids...because daddy was coming home!
And then he fell asleep {which he NEVER does.}
We loaded up in the car, and a few of us were excited to go and get daddy:
And on the way we got to see a hot air balloon!
It's one of my favorite things about living here.
We got daddy and once we were home, we hugged on him a LOT.
Being a "single mom" is VERY HARD work.  I'm so glad he's back home.
Saturday we dyed eggs. 
And again, wherever Dylan is, Rylan is right there with him.
Ry's fever got super high, so we tried everything to bring it back down.
Chris BBQed {or grilled for Southerners} for the first time this year.
And {thanks to Pinterest}, the kids and I made some cute bunny ears cupcakes.
They got to open Easter presents from Papa Nutt & Gigi.  Don't mind Ry in his skivvies. His fever was still high.
My poor sick baby.
P.S.  Dylan read all these books this week! {Man, I wish I could read as fast as him!}
We had a pretty fun Spring Break despite Chris being gone for most of it!

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