Saturday, March 12, 2016

Week #10 {2016}

Wednesday after Papa Nutt and Gigi left, I got home to a sick little girl. {The stomach bug is going around her school.}
Thursday. A week of my parents in town + the stomach bug = a lot of laundry to do/catch up on.
More finds on my phone. {wink}
Friday's find.
Because I have a pre-teen...most of the time I don't like technology {for him - there's some scary stuff out there!}. But this is not one of those moments...wanna know why? Cause he's playing a video game with his Papa in California. They are geeking out over the game, and still able to connect even though they are 1,700 miles apart, they can still hang out.
Saturday morning snuggles in my bed is always a favorite of mine!
P-Girls made us some yummy brownies all by herself {with a teensy tiny bit of help from me} and they were excellent!
This guy beat me in Memory... true story!
Strawberry season is here which means... it's Strawberry Shortcake time!!!

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