Saturday, March 19, 2016

Week #11 {2016}

Sunday after church we added a planter in our back yard.  We planted a blueberry, yellow raspberry, and blackberry bush, along with some flowers.
Monday. Whatever Dylan does, you can betcha Rylan is right there with him.
Lately Ry has been into making up his own words to songs.  I especially like when they sound like this:
"mommy mommy I love you.  your so sweet and you are cute."
Tuesday was the first time we have hit 80 degrees this year and we were LOVING it!
And thanks to Daylight Savings Time, all the neighborhood kids played outside for hours.
Wednesday the kids played for a long time after school {again!} which resulted in this:
Ah, pooped out babies.  There is nothing better!
Thursday morning I got to hear this sweet sound over and over:
He IS a good good Father. 
It was also St. Patrick's Day and the kids at the bus stop were ready!
Love this little leprechaun!
While most people were having Corned Beef and Cabbage for dinner, we were having fajitas {at least it somewhat looked like a rainbow!}.
Spring is starting to show up around here...and it's beautiful as usual!
Friday while I was packing the kids lunches, I started to laugh at the orange and tan trend I had going... {And yes, I know I use a lot of plastic.}
Chris is going to be gone all next week, so we went out to lunch at Chuy's.  We got to sit outside and it felt very vacation-y {Yes, I just made up that word.}
Big man was stoked to get off the bus, because it was Spring Break time!
Learning to bat.
And then he tripped and fell on some aggregate {that pebble concrete}...At least he's smiling now!
Saturday morning started off super yummy.
Then we had a SUPER awesome family day in Downtown Nashville.
Followed by a mellow evening at home.

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