Wednesday, April 6, 2016

T25 - One Year Later

One year ago, Chris and I started T25! We had breaks here and there for sickness, travel, moving, and family visiting {and I was inconsistent a couple of weeks before Christmas!}, but we've pretty much done it for a year.  {Oh and in November I joined a BeachBody on Demand Challenge and did different workouts - a few of them were T25 but all were part of the BeachBody program}.
{Post Speed 2.0 picture - it's still a killer workout!}
I personally did 2 rounds of T25, following their set schedule. {1 workout Monday-Thursday, 2 workouts on Friday and 1 stretch workout on Sunday.} Then I switched to just picking one workout Monday through Friday. 

That being said, I DID NOT change how I ate.  In fact I may have eaten worse "because I'm working out"... and I still had some great results:

I'm stronger - I can last WAY longer in the workouts without modifying.  I can do more push ups.  I started out with 2.5 lb weights/or no weights at the beginning - now I'm using 5 lb weights the whole time and looking to buy heavier ones.
I'm more toned - My rear doesn't jiggle {as much} when I jog.  {I know, funny, but it's true!}
My cardio is better - I don't feel like I'm going to die with my heart pounding out of my chest.
My resting heart rate is lower - I started at 76 {below average} and it's now 68 {above average}!

Wanna know more numbers?  I lost:
.5" off my waist
1.75" off my hips
1" off my derriere
.5" off each thigh
Everything else stayed the same and I did not lose any weight {But again, I don't have the greatest eating habits... I need to work on my will power!}.

Chris also did 2 rounds of the set schedule and then has consistently done 5/6 workouts a week {he took WAY less breaks than I did}. I am SO VERY PROUD of him because he has completely reversed his diabetes! He's not been on any medication for 14 months and is able to control it with T25 and somewhat watching what he eats. His doctor is stunned and very proud of him and his numbers are now "normal"!!!

He doesn't take measurements or weigh himself so I don't know numbers on him, but he has had a very noticeable change. He's buying smaller clothes and random people are asking where he works out at. He looks great!

I still love/hate the workouts.  I hate it when I'm changing into my workout clothes, and around the 7 minutes left marker.  But I LOVE it when I'm done.  I have favorite workouts {Rip'T Circuit} and specific moves I hate {180° hops}.  I also used to dread Speed 2.0 and now have grown to actually enjoy it. 

So are you wanting to try T25?  I say, do it!

P.S.  If you know someone who is a BeachBody coach, make sure you buy the program through them {they make a little bit of money off of it!}.

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