Saturday, April 4, 2015

Week #14 {2015}

Sunday morning snuggles sitting on the floor heater.
Burgers are awesome.  Then once you put it on a pretzel bun, it is PHE.NOM.ENAL.
I love finding surprise pics on my camera roll.
Monday I tried something different with Payton's hair. We both liked it!
And these boys got hair cuts.
Wednesday I FaceTimed with my daddy.
And got some nuggles with little man and his bit-bit (blanket).
We had breakfast at Panera and when I asked him to smile, I got this.
Dylan brought home an A/B Honors award!
And then this happened.
We "tried" it out today and will begin the schedule next week.  I have a couple of thoughts about T25.
(1) Holy cow it's hard.
(2) I must be completely out of shape.
(3) What have I gotten myself into?
Thursday Ry went for a bicycle ride.
And his latest thing is changing his clothes 1,425 times a day.  He puts on his shirt backwards and inside out so he can suck on the tag.  {crazy boy}.  And check out those calves!
And he's got some mad rhythm.
New bulbs have sprouted in our yard.
We had nachos for dinner. I used Bush's White Great Northern Chili Beans and it was excellent!
Then it was time for Payton's 1st Grade Music Performance.  Ry took our picture. {Awesome!}
Payton made an adorable yellow jacket. {Which we think is ironic, that she was a bee considering Dylan is severely allergic to them.  LOL!}
She had a speaking part and she did a great job!
On GOOD Friday Dylan made us pancakes for breakfast. {How did he get them so perfect???}
And Ry helped him "stir, stir, stir " {see bottom, middle picture}.
Rylan found a bag of marshmallows and I caught this video clip.  
A sweet friend brought us some yummy Hot Cross Buns. It was my first time having them and they were excellent!
Payton brought these to Chris and I saying that she found them in the backyard.
{The right side says: "to dad - love - your secret admirer"} 
We played along and then she gave us this.
{"I made these so you could go on a date."} Sweet girl!
We had J's Mac and Cheese for dinner!
And then later we made Resurrection Rolls.  You can find out about them {here}.
The kids really enjoyed this and it helped us focus on the real reason for Easter.  Funny though, Ry kept saying over and over again Jesus body goed (went) away, and he would NOT eat the roll.  It was so sweet.
Saturday we dyed some eggs.
While we did that, Chris cleaned, changed the brakes on my van and mowed the front yard. 
#stud #myhusbandrocks 
So Dylan and I decided to help him out by mowing the backyard for him. Aren't all of our flowers weeds pretty in our lawn???

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