Saturday, April 25, 2015

Week #17 {2015}

Sunday I had some cute selfies on my phone from each of the kids.
Payton was feeling better after having the stomach flu yesterday. She hadn't eaten much which meant she could do this cool trick.
Can you hear it?
Monday I kept Payton home from school just to make sure she was okay. Then Chris came home early from the office because HE had gotten it.
Then Dylan got off the bus and collapsed on our grass. #3 down!
Tuesday Dylan was staying home from school {obviously} when Ry woke up acting weird and then {yup!} yacked. 
This became my best friend.
I was holding out praying that I wouldn't get it! 
Ry seemed okay after that episode but the day was still filled with a lot of this:
And this:
Kind of a bummer day for it being Ry's LAST DAY of being TWO!
I tucked him into bed and prayed for him, thanking God for blessing our lives with this sweet little Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle & Pider-man {Spider-Man} loving boy.
Wednesday was Rylan's 3rd birthday!

You can hear about his "best birthday ever" {here}.
Thursday I had a reading buddy during my early morning quiet time. I loved everything about this picture. The bedhead, the old kindergarten t-shirt, the mismatched striped leggings with one leg scrunched up, and her reading Diary of a Whimpy Kid {because Dylan loved those books}.
Rylan will line up anything that you give him. Today it was Jenga blocks {and yes, his shirt is on inside out and backwards}.
He hasn't mastered the bounce ball from Uncle Thor & Auntie J, but he Supermans over it all. the. time.
Early afternoon I started to feel off. I quickly finished my work, made dinner for everyone besides me {a tell tale sign I'm not feeling well - I love food!}, and then Chris sent me to bed. I wasn't as lucky as I had hoped I would be and ended up with the stomach flu. I'm sure glad no one had it on Rylan's birthday though!
Friday Chris was SuperDad getting the kids off to school and watching Ry {working at the same time} while I was still in bed. Fortunately {praise God!} it was a quick sickness and I was out of bed feeling SO MUCH BETTER by the afternoon!
Dylan came home with another free shirt from school {this is #3 this year - which would have never happened in California!}. They had a big Nukem tournament in PE that had been going on for weeks and they made it to the Championship Round where they played against the teachers.
That evening I took the kids to the Spring Fling.
This morning I took the kids to the Main Street Festival in Downtown Franklin. {Chris had to work. Boo!} 
I had 3 kids, by myself, and didn't need a stroller. This is a huge milestone! My babies are growing up!
The Festival was awesome as usual. Chobani was there giving out free yogurts! The kids each got 2 tubes of strawberry yogurt.
And I tried Chobani Oats Apple Cinnamon for the first time. It was FAN.TAS.TIC. I thought that the oats would be mushy but it was actually steel cut oats so it had a great texture. The kids kept stealing bites of mine.
I'll be buying this again. Go try it!
I caught a sweet brothers moment.
And we took a break to drink lemonade and eat some kettle corn.
Back at home, the family that exercises stays together!
I made some more taco seasoning. It reminded of me of the sand art at the festival this morning.
And just cause it made me laugh . . .
Can I get an Amen?

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