Saturday, April 18, 2015

Week #16 {2015}

Sunday. Can you say Daddy Junior!?!??
Monday Payton and Autymn had a play date.
While I was working, Ry came in like this. What a ham!
It was raining Tuesday when we got to mom2mom. Rylan said "I need a banella." {umbrella}. So cute!
After, we went to Costco . . . at lunchtime. Ugh! Why do I always go at that time of day?!?! I guess I was super distracted because I found this on my phone later that night. I love him.
Dylan's best buddies came over to hang out.
3 boys + a BB gun + a bow and arrow + a knife = lots of fun
Taking them home was . . . loud. {smile}
Wednesday I posted this on Instagram.
T25 people are crazy.  I hope I can get to a point where I DON'T think they are crazy.
Ry was being exceptionally quiet and Chris found him outside {in jammies} lining up crayons in the lines of our concrete.
Friday we demolished dinner. I had VERY loosely followed a recipe and everyone thought it was fan.tas.tic. {Click HERE for my recipe!}
Then we headed to Dylan's awards ceremony.
Saturday the boys and I went to the library.
Payton was at home with Daddy because she has a stomach bug. Boo!
Rylan brought Payton her bears as she was puking yacking {What's the polite way to say throwing up?} in the bathroom.
And then Dylan made her some lemonade with a homemade umbrella to help her feel better. {She's trying so hard to smile for the picture. But she feels aweful.}
Poor girl.
Fortunately we got a slew of books, and they both dove right into a book.
I'm praying that this bug stays isolated with Payton and that it won't run its course through each of us.  Will you pray with me?

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