Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Rylan Turned 3!

Well, he did it.  Rylan went ahead and turned THREE even though I begged him not to.  My baby is getting so big. {tear}
First thing in the morning, he came down stairs with ALL of his blankets, and stuffed animals.  And yes, I'm that horrible mom that starts taking pics right away.
He LOVED his "Happy Birthday" sign and flag banner and showed them to everyone who FaceTimed with him.
We started off singing "Happy Birthday" with his breakfast muffin.
And Auntie J FaceTimed early to watch him open their present {one of those big bounce balls!}.
After the big kids went to school, we went for his well check.
He's 33 lbs & 36.5" tall.
Ry finally fit it to a shirt that was Chris' when he was a little boy. So cute, right?
I L.O.V.E. this kid.
He is so much fun.  He makes us laugh every single day.
Which is good, because he also gets into everything, and pushes the limits.
So I guess you can say he's a typical 3 year old boy.
We FaceTimed Auntie D to open their gift.
How cute is this hoodie?  Perfect for my TMNT loving boy.
He wanted to play TMNT Pop Up {just like Trouble} right away.
He got a little creative with pushing the dice.
Then we got to FaceTime with Papa & Sasha who sent him a Toys R Us gift card.  He's excited to go shopping!
As soon as daddy got home we went to Rylan's favorite restaurant for dinner, McAlister's {which just happens to be a favorite of mine too!}, and Payton gave him a present.
The right says "I wish you a Ninja Turtle birthday."
She had made him a Ninja Turtle at school.  Isn't that the sweetest?
Ry always orders Mac & Cheese and Cheetos "like at Papa & Sasha's" {they always have Cheetos on hand when we visit for my kids!}  I call it the ORANGE dinner.
Then back home for cupcakes and ice cream.
And opening more presents.
We got him a more sturdy scooter, which he seemed to love.
Then he climbed into his hamster ball he got from Papa Nutt & Gigi.
All day long Rylan kept saying "This is the best birthday EVER!".  
I sure hope it was buddy.  We all love you very much.  Now please, stay 3 for me.

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