Friday, April 24, 2015

Spring Fling

I took the kids to their school's Spring Fling tonight.
There was a race car out on display right as we were walking up. Dylan got to get in it {which he said was awesome} and then he took off with his friends.  I didn't see him again until it was time to go. #preteen
Payton & Rylan bounced in the bounce houses,
and they played carnival games.
Ry couldn't throw the ball into the hole so he tried to kick it in. #totalboy
And then there was candy. 
I looked over at Ry and he was doing this . . . #sugarrush
Payton LOVED seeing all her friends. #socialbutterfly
And then there was the reminder that we live in the South. The "Toilet Toss" was where the kids tossed a roll of toilet paper into the open toilet seats. #classy  LOL!
Then we played on Payton's playground.
Each of kids classes created a class project that was up for auction. Here was Dylan's class (his hand is the top left):
And Payton's class (she worked on the black and white heart):
It was a fun time. The school's PTO did a great job!

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