Saturday, April 23, 2016

Week #16 {2016}

Sunday morning drive to church.  We love driving the back roads here.
Grilled Cheese BATS {bacon, avocado, tomato} Sandwiches were perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon.
We got this beverage dispenser and Chris whipped up an awesome stand for it. {He's super talented!}
I got "flowers" {aka weeds} from Payton and Rylan.
We got some uplighting for the front of the house.
I found a great deal on ground beef so I spent some time Monday packaging it up to freeze for later.
The weather has bea-U-tiful. So the kids played in the sprinklers and then had popsicles on the porch.
Tuesday we woke up to another stunning sunrise by God.
Payton wrote her principal a sweet note.
This guy gives the best hugs and sweet kisses...
and still loves to "nuggle" when he's upset.
Wednesday - Payton called this her "Rey from Star Wars" hair do {I guess its somewhat close!}.
I babysat the neighbor kids for a bit.  Rylan loved having his buddy Levi around to play with.
While I was working, Rylan FaceTimed me from the other room and thought it was stinkin' hilarious.
I told him he had to walk with me to the bus stop to pick up Dylan.  Such a #threenager.
Mia and Payton made these SUPER yummy cupcakes.  Grab a box if you see it at your market... you won't be disappointed!
Thursday Levi and Hattie came back over for a bit and the boys quickly resumed playing.
And rocking out:
Then I spent my very last evening nuggle-buggling my sweet 3 year old....because tomorrow he turns FOUR!
Friday was Rylan's 4th Birthday.
Saturday Payton had softball evaluations. She was nervous because she hasn't played before, but she did great!
Back at home while doing some yard work Chris spied this nest!
The kids played...Payton and our neighbor Marley drew pictures and sold them to other neighbors and Rylan played with his bubble machine he just got from Auntie J!
And while sitting out back Rylan kept bringing me these "flowers". Such a sweet boy!

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