Saturday, April 30, 2016

Week #17 {2016}

Sunday morning Chris got up before me and brought me a cup of joe. #helovesme
Downtown Franklin was having its Annual Main Street Festival so we headed down there for a bit.
We didn't get there early enough and parking was a bear....then Rylan dropped our huge Frozen Lemonade we were all sharing and we had to buy a new one... but the rest of the time was a blast. It was a fun family day.
See the top right photo {above} where Payton is shooting a bow and arrow? Well Dylan REALLY wanted to buy one. We asked him to wait and think about it, and when we got home he ended up making his own!
Best buds.
He may have turned 4, but he still is my baby boy.
Monday morning my mom sent me this picture:
My parents officially sold their house, are moving out here and are retiring!  I am so excited for them {and for me too!}
Papa & Yaya gave Rylan the Snoopy video game for his birthday. We tried it out today so he could play with Papa {just like Dylan does} and Rylan was STOKED. The joy on his face was awesome.
After dinner, Dylan hopped up, loaded the dishwasher and cleaned up the kitchen...all...on...his...own. I about fell over. It was so nice! {And yes, that streak is Rylan...he runs all.the.time.}
Tuesday Ry had his well check and we goofed off on Snapchat while we waited.  He laugh/cried when he got his shots {I wish I had a video of it}.  It was pretty funny and the nurse said it was the first time she's seen that happen.
He played blocks when we got home and I found all these pictures on my phone.
Wednesday night nuggles.
Thursday we had BLT Pasta Salad for dinner. I prep it a couple of hours early {before the kids get home from school} and add in the bacon crumbles right before we eat. Yum-E!
While the kids were playing outside and I looked over and saw an adorable game of hangman going on.
Friday - My neighbor just told me that Rylan can sit in a high back booster instead of a car seat now. Although we have one from Payton, I went and got him one that has a 5 point harness {for my peace of mind} and it gave us SO much more space in the car! {Thanks Nikki!}
I was SO excited about dinner tonight.  Italian Chicken is super easy and one of my favorites. I went to cut up Rylan's chicken and it was harder than steak to cut. Chris took a bite of his and spit it out. Something {I don't know what} was wrong with the we threw it all away. #bummer #dinnerfail
Saturday Dylan was invited to a Nerf War Birthday party...and had a blast while he worked up a sweat!
While we were at the party, Chris was home finishing up {this} amazing project!

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