Friday, April 22, 2016

Rylan's 4th Birthday {TMNT Style}

This morning we went and woke up our brand new FOUR year old!
We found some TMNT cereal for my Ninja Turtle loving boy.
Auntie Jeanniners FaceTimed so he could open their birthday present.
And Dylan and Payton made sweet cards for him as well.
We let the older kids play hooky from school and we got ready and headed out.
Chris had a short meeting scheduled so we dropped him off at his office and headed to Fox's Donut Den. It's known for having awesome donuts and even though I'm not a fan of donuts, I stole a bite of Payton's and they DID taste better than others that I've had.
Afterward that we headed to Trader Joe's. One of the crew members saw Ry's birthday boy button and gave him a big bag of gummy bears... Now Dylan and Payton want to go to TJ's for their birthday. Ha!
Chris meeting was done so we headed back to check out his office. Dylan was asking questions about the bank safe and one of Chris' coworkers took the kids in there and showed them around.
Rylan has wanted a Build-a-Bear for months so we took him to get one and it was perfect. He was so sweet to watch.  I'm glad we waited until he could fully enjoy the experience. He picked out Captain America and named him Micah. 
{The top left pic is one of my favorites...he has the heart and is giving him love.}
For lunch we went to The Cheesecake Factory. I had the amazing Blue Cheese & Pear Flatbread. {It's SOOOO good!}
I love those people!
We headed back home for a bit and Ry FaceTimed with Auntie D to open their gift.
Then we went and saw The Jungle Book. {I just love Payton's pose!}
Back home again for more presents and he said "This is the best birthday EVER!"
He FaceTimed with Papa & Yaya to open the present they sent.
Ry wanted a chocolate cake with orange frosting {because of his love of Michangelo, the orange Ninja Turtle}, so that's what he got.
I was a bit worried that it wasn't going to be good, but I found an orange colored {not flavored} frosting and it actually turned out pretty tasty.
Sitting in his new Leonardo club chair with Micah...and relaxing on his new TMNT bed set.
He is stoked to finally be 4 years old...we love this little guy so much!
Happy birthday buddy.

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