Wednesday, June 13, 2012

California ~ Day 2

To see Day 1 click {here}.
We woke up this morning and this is how I found the kids.  Guess we were a bit busy yesterday!

Dylan make breakfast for Papa Nut.  French Toast with Strawberries and Crushed Peanuts (hand crushed by Dylan) seasoned with Salt & Pepper.  {smile}

Penelope finally got a chance to hold Rylan.

Mid morning we walked to Del Taco!!!  Yum!

Then crossed the street to Chuck E. Cheese.  Every time we drove to my parents house Payton always said "See mom!  Chuck E. is calling to me!", so I knew this needed to be a stop on our vacation.

Juliette and I played an intense game of air hockey.  Chris even got in a little Guitar Hero.  After about an hour, we headed to Jeannine's sister-in-law's house (where they were staying) and got to go swimming.
This was my view.  A little smoggy, but still pretty.
This is what my mom did the whole time.  She was in heaven.
After swimming we went to Wahoo's!  I don't eat seafood, but they have the BEST blackened chicken tacos, with spicy cajun white beans and their yummy!  Unfortunately the beans would have upset Rylan's tummy so I just stuck with the blacked chicken taco.  It was SO good!
This is inside.  It has a skater decor with stickers stuck EVERYWHERE inside (walls, chairs, tables, etc).  It's a really cool atmosphere.
On our way back home!
Payton crashed.
Me and my brother-in-law, Thor (married to Jeannine).
Then we took Rylan to get his handprints done.
Look at how tiny his hand is!
Back home for dinner (yummy carne asada!).  The kids made a picnic in the playhouse.
Day 3 coming soon!

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