Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hearing Check 1-2-3

So about 7 years ago I noticed that at night while trying to sleep - if I laid on my left side I could hear the crickets chirping outside and our water feature running.  But if I flipped over to my right side, I couldn't hear those things.  Oh well, that's not a big deal, right?
Fast forward to 2012...  I'm still having the same issue, but kinda nice when we sleep with the window open, I know I can flip to my right and block out the chirping.  (But I can still hear the incessant barking of a dog nearby - LOL!)  A couple of weeks ago (when Payton was really sick) we were sleeping and I noticed Chris getting up out of bed.  I sat up to see what was going and THAT is when I heard Payton crying and coughing.  It kinda scared me that I couldn't hear her (I was sleeping on my right side) and worried me with a new baby on the way.
I went to the doctors today for a hearing test and was diagnosed with "otosclerosis".  It is hearing loss in my left ear.  Not the news I was hoping for.  I had chronic ear infections when I was little and ended up having tubes put in my ears when I was in 1st grade.  I was hoping it had something to do with that and they could put in another tube and I would be fine.  Instead there is a problem with the bones in my middle ear.  They don't know if there is a stiffening of the bones or if the bones didn't connect correctly (due to my chronic ear infections).  They need to do some imaging, when I am not pregnant, to decide if I need to have surgery to try to connect the bones or if I need a hearing aid.
Fortunately, right now, it's not a huge hearing loss.  I can still hear out of my left ear.  I can talk on the phone on that side.  I can still hear music from my earphones.  And when I am not pregnant and can sleep on my back again, it won't be as noticeable at night.
All this to say, I know that God is our healer and I am praying for complete healing (if it is HIS will) or that it won't get worse (there is a possibility that it grows worse with pregnancy).  So when you think of it, will you pray for me?  I know that in the grand scheme of things, this is not a major issue but the Bible says:
"Cast all your anxiety on Him because he cares for you." - 1 Peter 5:7

* * * * *
Now, on to the fun things today:
Dylan and the neighbor caught a lizard today.  The got to hold it, pet it, try to feed it, then release it back out to the wild.

And just because I got a cute pic of Payton today, I thought I would share it:

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