Saturday, December 24, 2016

Week #51 {2016}

Sunday we woke up to a teensy tiny bit of snow.
It's wasn't much...
But it was still fun to look at.
Then of course we had to keep our tradition of having hot cocoa {every day that it snows}!
I {temporarily} stole one of my dad's Bibles from my mom and found this. Funny, how that is what he prayed for...and it is what he did.  He was always pointing us back to Jesus, back to God's word and back to praying about everything.  I sure miss hearing those encouragements now.
That night we watched The Sound of Music.  Even Rylan got into it!
Monday we went with Gigi to run some errands, and we made a stop for hot chocolate.
Then we went to have lunch with Payton {who had a pajama day pass at school}.
I went to lunch with a few of my neighbors to celebrate Darby and my upcoming birthdays...and I didn't take even one picture.  Boo!
But I did take a picture of the beautiful teacup that Darby gave me to add to my collection.
Tuesday I finally downloaded an amazing app that Darby had told me about months ago.  "Our Pact" let's me control Dylan's iPad.  I scheduled a "bedtime" so all the downloaded apps disappear during those times.  I also can block his access at any time, or grant access for a set amount of time.  It is genius.  I uploaded it while he wasn't looking and then while he was playing a game, I blocked access.  Oh how I WISH I would have gotten a video of his reaction.  He was stunned, then when he realized I had done it, he came after me {all in good fun!}.  We were all laughing so hard, and he tried to get me back by putting his stinky feet in my face.
BTW - It's free for 1 device and $1.99/month for 2-10 devices...well worth the money I think!  Oh and with the free version, you can only "block access" so many times per month.
Wednesday I went to Payton's school for her Christmas party. They had pajama day, a hot cocoa bar and a cute mug exchange!
Back at home I made a ton of Mini Chocolate Chip Zucchini Muffins.
I package them up {3 to a snack size zipper bag} and throw them in the freezer for the kids school lunches.  I always try to have some type of muffin on hand!
My little sous chef...I love that he had the towel over his shoulder.
Thursday was the first day of Christmas Break!  Dylan made us all waffles.
And even made Payton an egg omlet.
We were out running errands and as we drove by the park, Payton asked if we could go play.  Chris flipped a U turn, and granted her wish!
Later, Dylan and I ran into my mom's sweet friend Retha at Walmart...and I sent my mom this pic.
When we got back Rylan and daddy had put together a lego set!
That evening while Chris was at a Predator vs. Kings hockey game {lucky duck!}, we went over to the neighbors for a Christmas movie, popcorn and hot chocolate!
Friday we decided to make a quick run to Costco - yes, on December 23rd....we really weren't thinking! But on the way we stopped at Triple Crown Bakery in Downtown Franklin.  We shared a goat cheese & sun-dried tomato quiche and a lemon cake with lemon cream...both were fantastic! 
Love this Noel sign Downtown Franklin displays every year!
Girl time!
The boys were having fun too! {Notice Dylan matches Chris?  He tries to match him as much as possible...and I think its adorable!}
We ended the night decorating Christmas cookies!
Saturday was Christmas Eve!


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    1. I'll look into it. Thanks for letting me know!


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