Saturday, December 10, 2016

Week #49 {2016}

Sunday morning, Payton and I continued working on our 1,000 piece puzzle we started yesterday. Do you realize how many pieces that actually is?  LOL!
Before we left for church, we attempted to get a family photo, and I got this cute pic of my kids.
That afternoon while Chris was finishing this project...I made a bunch of Cranberry Orange Mini Muffins, I package them up and freeze them and then can throw them into the kids school lunches for the next few weeks.
That night was our city's Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony...or so I thought.  {My brain has NOT been working properly since my dad has passed, which I found out happens a lot to people who are grieving!}  My mom met us at the house, we bundled up and drove over to the park to find no. one. there.  We had a good laugh, picked up pizza at Papa Murphy's and came home for dinner instead.
Monday I went to tea at my mom's house {she had some friends from church over} and I decided to continue the party while I worked when I got back home.
This guy hitched a ride on the way to the bus that afternoon to pick up Dylan {Dil-won as he says it!}.
That night was Dylan's orchestra performance.
Tuesday was delivery day from my Cyber Monday shopping!  I am liking ordering on line this year.
This "thing" wanted to walk with me to Dylan's bus stop.  I still don't know what he was thinking! Crazy kid!
P-Girl helped me make Chicken Pot Pie for dinner.
After that picture, she said "Hey it's like the Tennessee flag!" Ha!
Wednesday we went with Gigi to run a bunch of errands.
Thursday Ry asked Chris to play a video game with him and his giggles were adorable.
Friday Rylan had his awards ceremony for taekwondo.
He's officially a Tiger Cub Green Belt!
Saturday - The boys always want to be just like daddy.  And I think it's adorable!
Back at the house it was Almond Rocca time.
All packaged up and ready to be sent out!

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