Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Today was my happy birthday!  It started out with Dylan making me breakfast.  He didn't want me taking pictures so I took some on the sly over my shoulder...then I got caught.
My mom brought Payton back home {she spent the night down there} and the Schoening family came up from Chattanooga.  The girls {minus Payton} headed up to Nashville for a Trader Joe's run.
And back home my kids got to love on the littlest Schoening.
Baby Brooklyn was adorable.  Dylan LOVED holding her.  He was so sweet with her.
Dylan has a new thing he does... he grabs a phone, runs up to a person and says "shelfie" and takes a quick pic.  I asked him why shelfie instead of selfie, but he said he didn't know.  Crazy kid!  I find these gems on my camera roll now.
My momma made my cake!  Mexican Fruit Cake...so very yummy.
My mom headed home...
And then we took a group photo right before the Schoenings headed out.
I missed my dad's phone call, saying "Happy Birthday Becca Boo Boo!".  I wish he could have been here...I missed him a lot today!

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