Saturday, December 17, 2016

Week #50 {2016}

We finished our 1,000 piece puzzle.  It's a bunch of pencils played out next to each other {super hard!}.
Frozen was on TV, so we had to watch it.
And of course Payton had to go get dressed as Elsa {and did her hair all herself!}.
Monday I had an adorable sous chef.
He then turned into a green belt ninja who read his Bible.
Tuesday - Mornings are a bit sweeter, with Christmas lights glowing.
That night both boys got hair cuts.
Thursday morning, God gave us a stunning sunrise again.  Isn't he good?
A neighbor brought over some super yummy treats...and I ate WAY too many.
Chis grilled dinner tonight in the freezing cold. Like 29° cold.  He rocks. {Or maybe he's a little bit crazy!}
The colors that God uses on our sunsets in amazing.
That night we went and dropped off some Almond Rocca to some friends!
Friday we had lunch at McAlisters, thanks to my sister Jeannine!  And yes, I am indoors wearing a beanie and scarf.  Once I get cold, I won't be warm again until Spring!
That night we went to Chris' Christmas work party.
And the kids went to Gigi's house.
Saturday morning we headed down to pick up the kids.  They had made a ton of Christmas cookies!
We said goodbye,
because Payton had a birthday party to go to.  We dropped her off and the boys and I headed to PF Changs for Linner {lunch/dinner}.  It was fantastic and we got to catch a glimpse of Scott Hamilton there!
On the way home we drove through Downtown Franklin and got to see the beautiful Christmas Tree there.
This Christmas season is bittersweet.  I'm enjoying all the traditions and fun, especially seeing it through my kids eyes...but missing my dad at the same time.  He should be here, experiencing all these things with us!

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