Saturday, December 3, 2016

Week #48 {2016} Seeing Santa

Sunday after church family selfie.
My momma came over and hung out for a bit.
I have been slowly moving the ornaments so it wasn't so 3 foot lopsided.  I don't think he noticed though!
Monday we played a round of Clue with the littles after dinner.
Tuesday Payton brought home a cute Thanksgiving project.
Wednesday Gigi met us at the taekwondo studio for Ry's Tiger Cub green belt testing.
It brings me back to when this guy first started in taekwondo.
Someone was a little excited.
And he is constant motion.
That's a proud daddy right there!
And a proud Gigi!
Thursday evening I looked over and saw this.  Ry is such a daddy's boy.
Friday night my mom invited me to her church's Christmas party.  We had a fun time and I got to meet even more amazing people from her church!
Saturday we headed to Breakfast with Santa at Payton's school.  When did she grow up into a teenager?!?!
Ry did NOT want to see Santa.  He begged Dylan to go up with him.  Dylan bribed him with candy and it worked! He walked up timidly and I was able to get this sweet photo!

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