Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Day 2016

Ohmigoodness...I've heard about this happening, but never thought it would actually happen in our house.
Our kids woke us up at FOUR {stinkin} THIRTY in the MORNING!  They were wide awake and ready to go... I on the other hand was not.
They checked to see if Santa and his reindeer ate their treats.
And then opened presents.
Rylan was so excited to give Dylan and Payton the gifts he picked out and wrapped for each of them.
Buddy {my dad's dog} was more into watching what Chris was doing.
Watching kids open presents is probably one of the best things.
The joy on their faces is just precious.
Love her tongue sticking out.
We paused for breakfast and to sing happy birthday to Jesus.
And then went back to presents.
I had this mug made for my momma.
And then my mom opened this amazing present.  I didn't get a great picture, but you can read about this special present {here}.  
Did you read it?  Isn't it amazing that the Creator of the universe cares about the tiny details, and gives us little blessings along the rough roads?  Such an great story!  And such a touching thing on a day that was going to be hard for us.
My momma looked so cute in her festive shirt.
The kids started in on their gifts.  Payton painted an Elsa piggy bank.
And Dylan made a tiny boombox with Ry's legos.  All 3 played with the legos for a few hours!
We all {well the adults} took naps.  Because duh!
I looked over at one point to see Rylan doing this:
carrying all his loot upstairs!
Since it was unseasonably warm,
Gigi {and Buddy} and the kids headed out for a walk/ride.
Yes, Payton is in shorts and a tank top... on Christmas Day!
It was so awesome to be able to spend Christmas with my mom again.  It's been years since we have been together on this day.  
I would describe the day as bittersweet...but definitely more sweet than bitter.  Yes, we missed my dad desperately.... he was supposed to be here {at least according to my plans!}.  We had our crying times {but we know my dad is in heaven having the best Christmas ever with his Savior.  We have hope in Jesus, so we know we will be seeing him again!}.  And God was gracious and gave us sweet times too.  We created new traditions, laughed and made new memories.
My mom headed home later that evening and we snuggled up on the couch. I sent her and my sisters this pic.
Then she said that I needed to get a picture of myself and the kids...and this is the best we got {post showers}. Ha!
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas...remember to hug your loved ones and tell them you love them every chance you get!

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